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Road trip gamesAre we there yet???

Planning a trip by car this summer?
Check out these ideas for road trip activities to help everyone enjoy the journey.

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Name That Tune — Randomly select a radio station. See who can be the first person to guess the title of the first song that comes on. Award bonus points if they can name the musician or album title. Then switch to a new station and try again!

Look for License Plates — Keep track of how many different state license plates you can spot during your drive.

“I’m Thinking of a …” — In this game, start by choosing a category such as animals or people. One person thinks of a specific member of the category. Everyone else takes turns asking yes or no questions until they can figure out what the mystery item is. If someone makes an incorrect guess, they are out until the next round.

The A to Z Game — See who can be the first to spot words on roadside signs, billboards, trucks, shops and restaurants starting with the letters A through Z.  Move onto the next letter only after finding a word starting with the letter previous (you might make an exception for letter X.)

cad trip activitiesRoad Trip Bingo — Before the ride, create bingo style cards with different things for people to spot along the route, such as a bird on a wire, a cow, a gas station or a motor home.  Then see who can find all the items on their card first.

Make Your Own Story — For this road trip activity, go around the car clockwise with each person adding one word to create a progressive story. For example, the driver might start by saying, “once,” and then the front seat passenger might add, “there.” The next person  could say, “was,”  and so on to make up a silly and unique story.

Pack a Bag of Goodies — Before the trip, pack each person in the car their own tote bag filled with different activities to pull out one by one along the way. Some ideas might include a sticker book, an Etch a Sketch, an ipod, snacks and a water bottle, a deck of cards, a journal, or whatever small toys and games your children are interested in.

Here are some great road trip activities available at

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