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Robot party ideas

Love robots? Crank up the fun with a robot party! Here are some of our favorite ideas for invitations, decorations, games, activities, and much more to help you host an awesome robot birthday!

Robot Party Invitations

Are you a party machine? Let your guests know by sending some amazing invitations. You can either make your own or choose a pre-made option. Here are some suggestions for both:

Tin Can Robot Invitations — Half the fun of robots is creating your own. Why not send off your invitations in some unique tin can robot creations. To do this, first clean a tin can, making sure that the top has no sharp edges. Completely peel off the label and glue. Make the can into a robot by using hot glue to attach things such as googly eyes, a pipe cleaner mouth, cork ears, and button control knobs. Be creative! Print out your party information on a piece of paper and roll it up inside the robot can. Cover the opening of the can with aluminum foil, and write “Open Me” on top. Either hand deliver these invitations or send them in padded mailing envelopes.

If you’re looking for some great printed invitations, here are some that would be perfect for a robot themed party:

Robot Factory Personalized Invitations
Robot Factory Invitations

Robot Fill-In Invitations

Robot Fill-In Invitations

Robot Party Decorations

Retro Robots make fun party centerpieces
Red, blue, yellow, and silver make a great color combination for a robot theme birthday party. If you use these colors in your balloons, streamers and tableware, you’ll be well on your way to having having some super decor! Beyond the basics, all you need to do is add a little silver sparkle and throw some robots into the mix. Here’s how:

Make a Robotic Welcome — Cover your front door with aluminum foil for a futuristic feel. Make a large robot out of construction paper, or use these cool reusable robot wall decals to design a big welcome robot. Finally, use a robotic style font to write “WELCOME.”

Have Robots Hold Your Balloon Bouquets — Group together clusters of balloons in your party’s theme colors. Anchor your balloons by attaching them to retro toy robots. Place these on your serving tables and by your front door.

Make a Cardboard Box Robot — Design a big cardboard box robot to set up at the party as a special guest. This craft can be as simple or as complicated as you wish, and the sky is the limit on materials and final look!

Hang a robot pinata as a party focal point that can later be used as a fun party activity.

Serve Your Food in Foil Pans — Simple disposable pie pans can add a robotic look to your party table. Use them to hold snacks or to serve your food. Using Krazy Straws can also give things a robotic feel.

Add Touches of Silver — When people think of robots, they often think of metal. Flashes of silver can add some sparkle to your party decor. A metallic silver fringe curtain, silver star confetti, silver garland or cool metallic lanterns can all be great accents.

Use Robot Party Tableware — There are some great themed sets available that can go a long way in helping you decorate for a robot birthday party. Here are some that we really like:

Party Robots Supplies

Robot Party Supplies
Robot Factory Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Robot Factory Party Supplies


Robot Party Games and Activities

You’ve amazed your guests with great invitations and party decorations, and now you need some fun robot theme activities for your party! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Play Operate the Robot — The object of this game is to see which team can direct their robot partner to retrieve certain objects in the shortest amount of time. To play, divide your party guests into partners. One player from each group will be the robot and the other will be the operator. Tie a scarf or bandana around each robot’s eyes so that they can’t see. After the robots are blindfolded, set out about three robot themed items for each team to locate. The operator partner must help command his robot to help him find and retrieve his objects one at a time. To do this, he must use simple directions. Each command must be 2 words or fewer, such as “forward,” “left,” “right,” “down,” “arm out,” and so on. The robot partner must find each object and bring it back to his operator before looking for the next one. The team that has all its objects found and given to the operator first wins. You might play this game twice, so that each child gets to be both robot and operator.

Have a Robot Freeze Dance — Choose one player to be the music operator. This person should face away from the group. Have him play some techno or robotic style music and have all your party guests “dance” around like robots. When the music stops, all the robots must freeze. If the music operator catches anyone still moving, they are out until the next game.

Robot Scavenger Hunt — Before your party, hide a number of small plastic robots in your yard or party area (about 5-10 per child). Tell the children that some renegade robots have escaped from the lab and it is their job to see how many they can catch. You can make this activity even more special by designating a few of the robots as “especially valuable” and giving out small prizes to the children who find these particular toys.

Build Your Own Robots — If your guests are old enough, there are some neat robot building kits that work really well at a robot party. You might set out Tinkertoys or LEGO sets and have your guests make a group project or individual creation.

Marshmallow Robots — A simpler type of robot figure that you might have your party guests design is a marshmallow robot. To make these fun and delicious fellows set out bowls of different sized (you might even find different colored or shaped) marshmallows and pretzel sticks. Let your guests explore their creativity by designing a marshmallow robot that is joined together with the pretzels!

Show a Robot Movie — If you’re having a longer party or you want a way to calm things down, a movie is often a great option. Disney’s Wall-E or Robots are two good options.

Robot Party Favors

Send your guests off with a fun memento of the day with some cool robot party favors. If you’ve made robots as a party craft, they are an easy option. Here are some more ideas to consider:


Hope you found some helpful ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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