Rock Star Birthday Party

rock star birthday party ideasHere are some of our favorite rock star birthday party ideas to help you party like a rock star at your next celebration! Read on for inspirations for invitations, decorations, favors, and activities to keep you rockin’ all night long!


Sending great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either purchase some cards or make your own unique rock and roll themed invitations. Here are some ideas for both options:

Guitar Shaped Invitations — A great idea for your rock star invitations is to use a heavy card stock paper and cut it into the shape of a guitar. The headline on the invitation should be “Come Party Like A Rock Star!” Click here for some free guitar clipart to get you started.

Guitar Pick Invitations — Another fun idea is to add a guitar pick on a chain to the front of your party invitations. You might add a caption such as, “You’ve Been Picked…”

CD Invitations — Get your guests pumped up for the party by making a CD compilation of your favorite rock hits. This can be a great memento of a fun event.

VIP Pass Invitations — Every concert goers dream is to score a VIP pass to the show. Why not send your friends some backstage pass invitations for your event. Have them bring their pass to the party as their ticket inside.

Free Printable Ticket Invitations — Click on the colored text to download some great free rock star ticket invitations.

** Invitation Tip ** — You might suggest on your invitations that guests wear a favorite concert t-shirt or some glitzy rock star attire to the party.

Here are some other rock star invitations that we love:

Pop Star Princess Stationery Card Invitations
Pop Star Invitations

Karaoke Party Invitations

Rock Star Party Invitations


Rock Star Birthday Party Decorations

There are many ways to go when decorating for a rock star party. You might set up a stage and have some performances or dim the lights for a concert feel. Here are some more suggestions for decorating:

Have your guests feel like they are entering a special event by tying red rope to some stands by your front entrance.

Hang a silver metallic curtain across your entryway so your rock star guests can make an entrance.

Hang compact disks (audio CDs) from the ceiling with clear filament or fishing line.

Set up a stage area with a curtain (be sure to leave a space for the audience!)

Use white twinkle lights to create a party atmosphere.

Scatter lots of balloons on the floor and hang some helium balloons containing small LED balloon lights that will glow inside the balloons when the lights are dimmed.

Put pictures of your favorite rock star singers or groups on the wall or in frames on your serving areas

If you have record albums, use the album covers as decorations.

Hang stars from the ceiling or put them on the walls for some added sparkle.

Set up a fun rock star photo stand-in where guests can get their picture taken as a rocker.

Have helpers dress in black and wear security badges to create an authentic atmosphere.

Here are some rockin’ party supplies that would be great at a rock and roll party:

Rock Star Party Supplies

Rock On Party Supplies


Rock Star Birthday Party Activities

Make sure your party rocks with these fun activities!

Have a Karaoke Contest — Karaoke is a great activity for rockers of all ages. You can find all kinds of karaoke machines for really great prices.

Play Some WiiWii Rock Band, Wii Guitar Hero, and Wii Sing It are all great games that can get your guests involved in the action.

Have a Rock Star Costume Contest — Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite star or band. Then give awards for things like best dressed, most realistic, best performance, funniest, etc.

Provide some props like inflatable guitars, feather boas, rockin’ tattoos, big sunglasses and some spray on hair color.

Play “Name That Tune” — Turn on the first few notes of a popular song and see who can identify it the fastest. Give bonus points for the band and album.

Music Trivia — Play a music trivia game suited for the interest and age of your guests. Here are some links to great 90s music and 80s music.

Party Favors

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