Scooby Doo Party Ideas

Scooby Doo party ideas
Zoinks! Check out these Scooby Doo party ideas to help you throw the grooviest birthday party ever. You’ll find suggestions for invitations, party decorations, snack ideas, and some far out party activities.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas for Invitations

Great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own invitations or find some that are available to purchase. Here are some ideas for both options:

Dog Bone Invitations — Nothing says party better than a giant Scooby Snack! Cut dog bones from brown cardboard to resemble these famous treats. On the front write, “You’re Invited to _____’s Scooby Doo Birthday Party!” On the back fill in your party information.

Scooby Doo Character Invitations — Are your guests Scooby Doo lovers? Why not send them an invitation and a souvenir all in one? Write your party information on decorative tags, and then attach them with ribbon to toy Scooby Doo figurines. Send these in padded mailing envelopes or hand deliver.

Scooby Doo Collar Invitations — Here’s how to make some invitations inspired by Scooby’s famous charm collar.

  • Start by cutting a 4″ by 4″ square out of yellow posterboard for each guest.

    DIY Scooby charms

  • Punch a hole in one corner.
  • Use a black Sharpie marker to draw a border line about 1/2 inch from the edge of the square.
  • Turn the shape on its side so the hole is at the top, and use the Sharpie marker to write each guest’s initials on the square to create a personalized Scooby-style collar charm.
  • Using turquoise marker or paint pen, color in the space between the letters and the border line.
  • Write your party information on the back of each tag.
  • Attach the charms to blue lanyard straps so that your guests can wear their collars to the party!


Looking for something a little easier? Here are some great pre-made Scooby invitations:

Paws & Bones Personalized Invitations
Paws and Bones Invitations

Scooby Doo Invitations


Scooby Doo Party Ideas for Decorations

Lime, orange, and aqua make a great color scheme for a Scooby Doo birthday party. You can incorporate these colors into your decor by using them in your tableware and in basic party items such as balloons and streamers.

Here are some more ideas to help you decorate:

Paw Print Entry — Help Scooby guide your guests to the party with a path of pawprints. You can either draw a trail of pawprints using sidewalk chalk, or cut pawprint shapes from black garbage bags and tape them to your front walk.

Let Scooby Greet Your guests — Make our purchase a lifesize cardboard Scooby Doo Cutout to set by the entry to your party for a Scoobilicious welcome.

Scooby Sayings — Write some well-known sayings from Scooby and the gang in word bubbles on posterboard and hang them on the walls in your party area. Here are a few ideas for Scooby Doo quotes:





“Would you do it for a Scooby Snack?”

“…and I would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

Scooby Doo Posters — There are lots of great Scooby Doo posters available inexpensively at Hang one or two of your favorites.

Go Spooky — Every Scooby Doo episode revolved around the solving of a spooky mystery. You might choose to add some spookiness to your party decorations by breaking out some of your Halloween decorations. Hanging rubber bats and cobwebs, covering doorways with strips of black streamers, or using a fog machine to create a creepy atmosphere are all great ideas.

Hang a Scooby Pinata — A pinata can be both a fun party focal point and a great activity for later on. You can use a Scooby Doo pinata, or if you want your guests to whack a bad guy, you might choose a character such as Frankenstein .

Play Some Scooby Music — Nothing sets the tone for your party better than music. There are lots of great Scooby Doo music albums that can help get your guests’ toes tapping.

Set a Scoobilicious Table — The party table is one of the most central parts of your event’s decoration. Here are some items that would make great table decorations or centerpiece ideas (tie some balloons to Scooby or the Mystery Machine for a great instant centerpiece that your guest of honor can keep as a memento of the big day!)

Scooby Doo Party Supplies

The Mystery Machine

Plush Scooby Doo


Scooby Doo Party Ideas for Games and Activities

The games at your party are probably what your event will be most remembered for. Here are some of our favorite ideas for activities.

Find Velma’s Glasses — “Jinkies!” In almost every Scooby Doo episode Velma seems to lose her glasses. Here is a game where your guests can help her find them. To play, choose one person to be Velma. Everyone else closes their eyes and Velma hides the glasses somewhere in the party area. After they are hidden, all the guests search for the missing glasses (with Velma giving clues if need be.) The person who finds the glasses gets to be Velma in the next round.

Daphne Disappears — Another recurring storyline is how Daphne continually seems to get taken by the bad guy. Use this as the theme for a game of sardines. Sardines is a game of reverse hide and seek. To play, one person hides. Everyone else starts looking for that person, and when they find him, they join him in the hiding spot until only one seeker is left. This person gets to be the hider in the next round of the game.

The Mummy Wrap Game — One of the most well-known bad guys that Scooby and the gang face is the mummy. To play the mummy wrap game, divide your guests into two teams. Give each team 2-3 rolls of toilet paper. Have each team elect one of its members to be the mummy. Have the teams race to see which can be the quickest to use all of their toilet paper to wrap their mummy from head to toe. Be sure to have out your camera!

Scooby, Scooby, Creeper! — Play a Scooby Doo version of the classic game of duck, duck, goose.

Pass the Bone — This is the Scooby Doo theme birthday party version of hot potato. Have the children sit in a circle and give one child a toy dog bone. Turn on some music and have the group pass the bone around the circle. When the music stops, whoever is left holding the bone is out. Play until there is one child left. If you choose to play again, the last game’s winner can be in charge of the music (facing away from the group, of course).

Break Open a Pinata — A pinata is both a great party decoration and a fun activity. For younger children you might opt for a pull-string pinata, and if your crowd is a little older, let them whack a bad guy, like Frankenstein.

Create a Scavenger Hunt — Scooby Doo is all about solving mysteries. A great Scooby Doo party idea for an activity is to make your entire party one big scavenger hunt mystery to solve. Perhaps someone has stolen your party cake or the party gifts. Write out clues for your guests to follow that lead them on a merry chase to save the day! You might offer themed treats as the reward for figuring out each clue, or break out the dress up and have everyone wear disguises as they set out to solve the mystery.

Watch a Scooby Doo Movie — Need to quiet things down a bit? Let your gang unwind by watching a movie featuring Scooby and his pals.

Scooby Doo Party Ideas for Food

Scooby and Shaggy love their food! Here are some suggestions for a Scooby themed menu:

Shaggy Sandwiches — Make your main course a giant sub sandwich, or create a platter of different sandwiches stacked high to resemble a meal fit for Shaggy.

Mummy Wrap Hot Dogs — To make these, start with 10 hot dogs and a package of crescent roll dough. Separate the dough into the 4 pre-cut rectangles, and cut each rectangle lengthwise into 10 pieces, creating 40 strips of dough. Use 4 strips of the dough to wrap each hot dog to resemble a mummy, leaving a little space near the top for eyes. Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick spray, and bake your mummy dogs for 13-17 minutes at 375 degrees. When they are done, add two drops of mustard or ketchup to make eyes. Serve with condiments for dipping.

Scooby Snack Cookies — Use a dog bone cookie cutter to shape some sugar cookie Scooby snacks. You might even have your guests decorate these as a fun party activity.

Ghost Lollipops — Let your guests lick the bad guys by serving some cute ghost lollipops. These are easy to make by covering a large Tootsie Pop with a tissue and tying it off at the top of the stick with ribbon. Use marker to add eyes and you’re all set.

Scooby Snacks — There are a variety of other Scooby Doo theme party snacks available for purchase, such as Scooby Doo graham crackers, Scooby Doo fruit snacks, and Scooby Doo lollipops. All would make perfect themed foods for your event.


Scooby Doo Party Ideas for Favors

Send your guests home with their own special doggie bag full of treats. Here are some fun favors:

Puppy Ears and Tail Set

Scooby Doo Bracelets
Dog Nose
Dog Noses


Hope you’ve found some helpful Scooby Doo party ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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