Soccer Birthday Party

soccer party ideas

Host a soccer birthday party for your favorite player, or invite the whole team over for an end-of-season party. Here are some party ideas sure to score!

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Soccer Birthday Party Invitations

Sending great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own invitations or send pre-made cards. Here are some ideas for both options:

Soccer Ball Invitations — Make your own party invitations by cutting out circles of heavy white card stock and coloring black hexagon shapes to create a soccer ball effect. Write your party information on the back side.

Soccer Clip Art Invitations — Use your computer to make invitations using soccer ball clip art.

Here is some wording you might use on your invitations:

  • Get your kicks at __________’s soccer party!
  • A great time is the GOAL at _____________’s soccer party!

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,



Here are some invitations you can purchase that go well with this theme:

Realistic Soccer Personalized Invitations
Soccer Party Invitations

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Soccer Birthday Party Decorations

For your party color scheme, use the colors of a soccer ball — black and white, and also grass green.

Or, if your child is on a team, you might decorate with the team colors.

Use balloons, colored streamers, and soccer pennants to decorate large areas.

Set up a soccer photo backdrop where your guests can take turns posing as a famous player! this can double as a decoration as well as a fun activity for souvenirs.

For the table, use a green tablecloth or artificial grass to represent the soccer field.

Put a soccer ball and field cones on the table as a centerpiece.

Here are some great soccer themed party supplies we’ve found:

Soccer Deluxe Party Pack
Deluxe Soccer Party Supplies
Soccer Paper Lanterns
Soccer Paper Lanterns
Inflatable Soccer Goal Ball
Inflatable Soccer Goal and Ball


Put pictures of your player or team around your party area. Use trophies, team mascots, or season memorabilia to give your party a personal touch.

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Soccer Birthday Party Activities

Purchase a soccer ball for all the kids to sign for the birthday child or team coach.

Invite some high school players to help with the party by leading the kids in fun soccer games. The older players could show off their tricks and soccer juggling skills.

Purchase soccer water bottles for your guests and have them decorate or personalize them with permanent markers.

Try These Fun Soccer Theme Party Games:

Blindfold Soccer — Have guests buddy up. One person in the pair is blindfolded and their partner needs to hang on to them and give them directions on where to go and how to kick the ball.

Crab Ball — Choose two or three players to be “crabs.” Place them in the center of the play area, and tell them they can only “crab walk” (with their feet and hands on the ground, stomach up, hands behind the back). The remaining players, the “dribblers,” form a line outside the play area.One at a time, dribblers must dribble the ball into the square and try to get the ball past the crabs. The ball must stay on the ground and be dribbled, not kicked.If a player dribbles the ball out of the square, he or she gets in line to try again. If a crab kicks the ball out of the square, then the dribbler becomes a crab.Continue the game until there is only one player left dribbling the ball.

Soccer Bowling – Set up field cones on the grass or pavement. Line the cones up in two rows: two in the front and three cones in the back.Have your soccer birthday party guests kick the ball and knock down as many cones as they can. Give one point for each cone knocked down. The player with the most points wins.As a variation, divide the kids into two teams. Players from each team take turns knocking down the cones. Have the point system in place, which will give teams some friendly competition.

Obstacle Dribble — Make an obstacle course in your yard out of field cones, chairs, and other items. Have party guests form a line. Then they take turns dribbling the soccer ball around the cones, chairs and other items. Kids dribble to the end of the obstacle course and back.

Wacky Soccer Ball Pass — Divide guests into two teams and have them form two lines. At the signal to “go”, a ball (both teams should have identical balls) is to be passed from person to person. The catch is that they can use any part of their bodies except their hands. If the ball touches the ground at any time, it must go back to the beginning of the line again. Whichever team manages to get the ball to the end of the line first wins the game.

Indoor Goal Shooting — This is a fun party game that can be played indoors. You will need a couple of balloons and a box, or laundry basket.Place the box/basket at the far end of the room and have your guests stand approximately 10-15 feet away from the box. They have to try and kick the balloon into the box. Give each guest five tries to make a goal. Each goal made is worth one point. The person with the most points wins.

Musical Soccer — Mark off a square area with cones. Each child will have a soccer ball. When the music starts, the kids will start dribbling. When the music stops, the guests need to leave their ball and go use someone else’s ball. When the music starts they dribble again. Remove a ball or two each time. If the kids don’t get to a new ball they are out.

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Soccer Party Favors

Send your guests home with a special remembrance of the day. Here are some ideas for party favors:

Realistic Soccer Personalized Favor Bags
Soccer Favor Bags
Flaming Soccer Ball Temporary Tattoos
Soccer Temporary Tattoos
Soccer Ball Key Chains
Soccer Ball Keychains

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Soccer Birthday Party Ideas for Food and Drinks

Make a soccer ball shaped cake, using the pan pictured below or fun soccer cupcakes

Soccer Ball Cake Pan from Amazon

Serve Gatorade and water in sporty water bottles. (For more fun, personalize these for your guests.)

Hope you found some useful soccer party ideas on this page. Hope your next party is a kick!

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