Summer Activities for Families and Kids

Summer Activities for Families and Kids

12 great summer activities for families and kids

Summertime is all about rest and relaxation, but there are so many great ways for kids to keep busy on these beautiful days besides plugging themselves in to the tv or computer. Here are some ideas for great summer activities for families and kids guaranteed to help make this a summer to remember.

  1. Share a Special Day with Mom or Dad — Give the gift of quality time by offering kids a one-on-one day with a parent. Let them choose the activity for a day full of fun.
  2. Draw an Activity from a Hat — Sit down together as a family and have everyone write down 3-5 ideas for fun things to do close to home. Put them together in a family activity jar and next time you need an idea for something to do, pull from these suggestions.
  3. Have a Lemonade Stand — Invite over some friends, set out a card table and chairs, and sell a batch of homemade lemonade to the neighbors.
  4. Visit the Local Zoo or Museum — Check your paper for special summertime events.
  5. Take a Picnic to the Park — Let your kids plan the menu for an outdoor meal. Bring a frisbee or a deck of cards and enjoy the great outdoors.
  6. Get Crafty — Visit your local craft store for project inspiration, or just break out some sidewalk chalk and create an outdoor masterpiece.
  7. Show an Outdoor Movie — Hang a bedsheet from the side of the house and use a projector to show a classic movie in your yard. Invite some neighbors over for an evening of fun. Click here for more ideas about how to do this.
  8. Visit Your Library — Expand your summer reading list by checking out the library for new books. Many libraries also offer special fun programs throughout the summertime.
  9. Play a Board Game — Raid your game closet for a classic game of checkers, Clue, or Sorry! If you have a little more time, clear off a tabletop and work on a puzzle.
  10. Get Active — Go for a bike ride, or take a walk after dinner. Family walks are a great opportunity for conversations.
  11. Plan a Block Party — Set a date, call the neighbors, and gather the gang for a neighborhood potluck.
  12. Try Something New — The slower paced days of summer are a great time to have an adventure, experience food from another country, try a new sport or hobby, or do something different from your usual routine.

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