Superhero Birthday Party

Lots of ideas for hosting a superhero birthday party

Host an amazing superhero birthday party! We’ll give you tons of ideas sure to save the day. Check out these suggestions for invitations, decorations, food, party games, and lots more.

Superhero Birthday Party Invitations

Holy cake and ice cream, Batman! It’s a superparty!

Whether your party focuses on one particular hero or covers a range of the good guys, send some invitations that will get your guests ready for action! You can either find invitations online, or get creative and make your own. Here’s how:

Mask Invitations — Write your party information on the back of a half mask. Ask your guests to wear their masks to the party so they can decorate them and become their favorite superhero.

Cartoon Strip Invitations — Draw a cartoon of the guest of honor in superhero form on the front of your invitation. Write a catchy headline such as, “Come Defeat the Bad Guys and Celebrate with Cake at _____’s Superhero Birthday Party!”

Comic Book Invitations — If your party is focusing on one hero, such as Spiderman or Wonder Woman, send your party information along with a comic book featuring that character. You might roll up the comic and tie it with a bow, adding a decorative tag with all your party information written on it. Send these in mailing tubes or hand deliver them to your guests.

**General Invitation Tips** — If you want your guests to come dressed as a superhero, be sure to let them know on your invitations. Also, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It’s also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Here are some invitations that would be perfect for a superhero birthday party:

Super Powers Personalized Invitations
Super Powers Personalized Invitations

Superhero Comics Invitations

Superhero Girl Party Invitations

Superhero Birthday Party Decorations

Check out these ideas for decorations with “POW!”
Red, blue, and gold make a great color scheme for a superhero birthday party. If you start your decorating by using these colors in your balloons, streamers, and tableware, you’ll be well on your way to a classic superhero feel.

Greet your guests with lots of  and a “Welcome, Superheroes!” banner hung across your entry.

Turn your guest of honor into a superhero — Paste a photo of the guest of honor onto a large cardboard superhero standup. Set this by your party entrance for a fun touch.

Get the Hosts into the Act — If you are hosting the party, be sure to dress for the occasion. How often do you get to become a superhero? Or, let your alter ego out and add some mischief to the event by dressing as a villain.

Action Word Bubbles — Make your own colorful “Bam!” “Pow!” “Zip!” word bubbles on stiff cardboard and set them all around the party to transform your space into a 3D comic book. You might stick them to the walls, hang them at different heights from the ceiling, or set them into the lawn on garden stakes. You can also use this idea to label party areas with smaller action bubbles such as, “Snacks!” or “Gifts!”Put a sign on your bathroom door labeling it “Secret Headquarters.

Make a Mini Gotham City — Paint different sized cardboard boxes in primary colors and add black windows to look like skyscrapers. Set them up on a table or the mantle to create a small cityscape. If you have any superhero action figures, add them to the mix for a unique superhero centerpiece.

Make a Lifesize Telephone Booth — Make a refrigerator box look like Superman’s dressing room by painting it bright red and cutting a door flap on one side. You can usually pick up a big cardboard box at your local Home Depot or other appliance store.

Set a Super Table — Another idea for a superhero birthday party centerpiece is to anchor a balloon bouquet in a glass jar full of jelly beans in your party colors. Add to this some small action word bubbles on skewers and some pictures (you can download these from your computer) of your favorite superheroes. Surround the centerpiece(s) with toy superhero action figures (these can later be slipped into goody bags for your guests).

Superhero Place Settings — Hang a colorful cape from the back of each guest’s chair. Then, at each place, set out a superhero style mask, a Ring Pop (power ring), a set of snap on plastic wrist cuffs, and a “kryptonite” light stick necklace.

Here are some complete superhero birthday party supply kits that can be a great addition to your decorations:

Comic Book Heroes Party Supplies
DC Super Hero Girls Deluxe Party Pack For 8
DC Super Hero Girls Party Supplies
Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming Dinner Plates
Spider Man Party Supplies
3D Superhero Mask & Cuff Kit
Superhero Mask & Cuff Set
Justice League Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Justice League Party Supplies
Avengers Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Avengers Party Supplies

Superhero Birthday Party Games and Activities

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound…Devise your own tests of speed, skill, and teamwork for your junior superheroes. Here are some fun party games you might include:

Villain Knockout — Line up a series of stuffed animals on a wall or table. You can make them seem a little bit evil by adding sunglasses, masks, or bandannas tied around their faces. Have your superheroes take turns seeing how many animals they can knock down by throwing beanbags or soft balls at them.

Hula Hoop Superteam Relay — See how well your heroes can work as a team to complete this challenge. Split your guests into two teams and have each team stand in a line, holding hands. Place a hoop in front of each line. When you say, “go” the first child in line picks up the hoop without letting go of her teammate’s hand. Each child should then pass the hoop over her head and shoulders, step through, and pass it onto the arm of the next child in line still without letting go. If at any time a team becomes disconnected they must start over. The team that gets the hoop passed down the entire line and onto the ground behind the last teammate wins!

A Heroic Obstacle Course — Hop through ladders, crawl through tunnels, jump over a series of boxes, climb trees…create your own obstacle course appropriate to the age and skill level of your guests.

Kryptonite Games — Here are two superhero party games with the same theme. Use a glow in the dark ball or a large ball of tinfoil to play a game of Pass the Kryptonite. Have your guests sit in a circle. Turn on your favorite music and have them pass the ball around. When the music stops, whoever is holding the ball is out until the next game. You could also have a Kryptonite Toss using green water balloons.

Kapow Cape And Mask Set

A cape and mask make great superhero birthday party favors!

Diffuse the Bombs — Have your superheroes form 2 teams for a balloon stomp relay race. At the end of a hallway or other open space, place two large garbage bags filled with black balloons (enough for 2 balloons per child). Divide the group into two teams and have them line up at the other end of the hall. At the starting sign, send one child from each team down to grab a balloon “bomb” and pop it either by bouncing on it or stomping it (your choice). Then have them race back to their team, touch the next person’s hand, and send that runner off. The first team with all of its members back and sitting quietly wins.

Spidey Web Game — Have guests stand in a circle with the guest of honor in the middle. The middle child takes a large ball of yarn and wraps it once around his body. He then tosses it to someone on the circle. That person repeats the process, tossing the ball of yarn to someone new. Keep going until a yarn web is created between all the children. After the web is complete, toss a large rubber spider onto the web. Let the players wiggle and squirm to try to get the spider to fall through the net.

Superman Dress Relay — Have a relay race where two teams of players start at one end and race to put on a hat, blazer, glasses, and men’s shoes. They then race to the opposite end of the course and change into a mask, cape, and boots. (You can make this even more exciting by having players change in a refrigerator box “phone booth”.) The first team with all its players back and seated wins.

Capture the Villain — If you have a willing accomplice, i.e. dad or an older sibling, have them play the role of the villain. Play a game of tag/hide and seek where the superheroes have to capture the bad guy. If your party is outdoors, you might arm your superheroes with “Spidey Web” (Silly String). An indoor option is to catch the villain and tie him up using rolls of toilet paper. Guaranteed giggles.

Superhero Creation Station — A fun superhero birthday party idea is to let each guest come up with their own super identity. Have them decorate their own mask (offer stick on gems and permanent markers) and cape (set out fabric patches shaped like stars, lightning bolts, shields, and the first letter of each guest’s name, along with fabric glue). Then have a makeup station complete with facepaint and a big mirror. Some of the best superheroes are those in the imaginations of children.
Costumes from Costume Express


superhero birthday party costumes


Superhero Birthday Party Food

Serve some foods that pack a punch! An easy way to give your party food superpower is by labeling it a “super” name. For example, plain old pizza gets some pow as “Peter Parker Pizza.” Use small signs on skewers that look like comic strip action word bubbles to label your party foods. Here are some more suggestions:

Hero Sandwiches — A 6-foot sub sandwich, otherwise known as a hero, can go a long way toward satisfying the hungriest gang of super powers.

Lightning Snacks — A smaller, yet also very cool option is to use a lightning bolt cookie cutter to prepare a platter of supercharged sandwiches.

Virtuous Veggies — A veggie and fruit tray makes a great sidekick to your sandwiches.

Power Punch — Serve your favorite flavor of juice or punch and call it power punch.

Rocket Pops — These All-American red, white and blue frozen popsicles match the superhero party theme to a tee!

Superhero Cake — Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to designing a cake for your superhero birthday party. You could use small plastic superhero figurines to create an action scene, cut the bottom corners off a large rectangular sheet cake to form a shield with your own personal hero logo on top, or make some classic spiderweb cupcakes by drawing circles on the tops with decorator icing and dragging a toothpick through them to form a web effect. Also, local supermarkets and bakeries almost always offer a range of fabulous superhero themed birthday cakes.

Hope you’ve found some helpful ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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