Superstitions Party

superstitions party

Feeling lucky? A superstitions party is a unique theme for a 13th birthday, a Halloween party, or just for fun. Here’s how to put it together…

Superstitions Party Invitations

Good Luck Charm Invitations — Send your guests a little hint of what’s to come as an enticing invitation for your party. You could send a stuffed black cat whose collar has a tag with your party information on it, or you could make a postcard and glue a heads up penny to the front. What is your favorite superstition? Think of a way to incorporate it into your party invitation.

superstition_1313 Invitations — Are you hosting a 13th birthday party? Is your party on the thirteenth of the month? Make your card in the cut out shape of a big number 13. Then invite 12 people so that including you there are thirteen total party guests!

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite,

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own party invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.

Superstition Party Decorations

superstitions party decorations
For a superstition theme party, start by making a list of all the superstitions that you can think of. Then incorporate them into your party’s décor. A black and white theme works well for this party. If you want to include good luck superstitions, use highlights of green (think four leaf clover or money) and gold. If you are going for the darker side of superstitions, use highlights of orange (Halloween) or red (danger).

Here are some well-known superstitions that you can use as party decorations:

Ladders — Place a large folding ladder as an archway into your home so that your guests have to walk through it to enter your house.

Black Cats — Place one or more black cats (stuffed, balloons, or cut outs) in your hall or in strategic places so that they will cross your guests’ paths.

Superstitions UmbrellasOpen Umbrellas — Scatter a few open umbrellas around the house, or make a fun umbrella chandelier by removing the fabric from an umbrella frame and hanging it from the light fixture over your table. You can jazz it up by adding twinkle lights or streamers.

Tipped over Salt Shakers and Face Down Pennies — Scatter these around your table as superstitious confetti.

Broken Mirrors — Breaking a real mirror can be a bit hazardous, but you can make simulated cracks with window paint or by taping a zigzag piece of construction paper to the mirrors in your home.

Horseshoes — Balance out the unlucky superstitions by placing a horseshoe at each guest’s table setting. Most craft stores sell wooden horseshoes that look great when spray painted to match your party’s décor. You could even write each guest’s name on their horseshoe as a place card.

Elephant with an Upturned Trunk — If you can find a decorative ceramic elephant with his trunk turned up, place him in the center of your table as a lucky centerpiece. - What Are You Celebrating

Superstitions Party Activities

Lucky Penny Guessing Jar — Fill a glass jar with pennies and have your guests try to make their best guess as to how many there are. Whoever gets closest gets to keep the jar. Now that’s lucky!

Horseshoes — Set up a game of lucky horseshoes in the backyard.

Ouija — Break out the classic board game of Ouija and see what is revealed!

Magic 8 Ball — Have a question you are dying to have answered? Ask the Magic 8 Ball.

Fortune Teller — If you are looking for an entertainer and your budget allows, you might consider hiring a fortune teller to come give your guests some insights into the future!

Lucky (or Unlucky) Movies — Find a movie where the fates seem to lend a hand. Consider “Freaky Friday” or “Just My Luck“. For the brave, there is always “Friday the 13th“.

Superstitions Party Favors


Lucky elephant keychains make a fun party favor
Send your guests on their way with some good luck to counterbalance any superstitions that might have freaked them out at your party. Here are a few suggestions:


Whether it’s used as a Halloween party theme, a theme for a 13th birthday party, or just for fun, the superstitions party theme is sure to be something that your guests will remember long after the party is over!

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