Make a Back to School Time Capsule Keepsake

How to make a back to school time capsule keepsake

Do you ever wish that you could capture a moment in time as your kiddos start each new school year? One fun way to do this is by creating a time capsule keepsake containing items and information that reflect the special memories important to your family each year. A time capsule is a fun and easy project to do with your children every year as they get older. You can include photos, mementos, and important milestones and memories and tuck them away to open in the future! 

Here is a free back to school time capsule keepsake printable that you can download and use in your project!

printable time capsule fact sheet

Add to your time capsule any keepsakes or mementos from the year such as photos, ticket stubs, or small items that will bring back favorite memories.

You can make your time capsule look really great in a variety of ways. One of our favorites is to put things into a glass jar and write the date you want to open things up on the lid using a permanent marker.

Another is to print the information page on colorful scrapbook paper and to roll it into a  paper towel tube. Cover the tube with crepe paper and tie the ends with ribbon (so the time capsule looks like a piece of candy.) Save the time capsules to open next year!

10 Easy Back to School Ideas for a Fun First Day

Back to school ideas
It’s that time of year again. Time to organize the backpacks, make up some bag lunches and send the kiddos back to school. Here are our top ten fun and easy back to school ideas to get the school year started right.

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    1. An Apple for the Teacher — Before school starts, make up a little something special for your child’s teacher. This could be as simple as a shiny red apple with a hand written note attached to the stem, or a note printed on a card with an apple print on the front.  We have some inspirations for you on our apple crafts blog entry.
    2. special platesWake Up to an Amazing Breakfast — Get the day started right by preparing your student’s favorite breakfast treat. Whether it’s bacon and eggs or a delicious pastry, a yummy breakfast can always make things feel special.
    3. Create a Special First Day Table — Make things even better by serving up your back to school meals on a special plate or a unique placemat to celebrate your child. One fun idea is to run a piece of butcher paper down the center of the table with conversation questions written on it, such as, “what is one thing you hope will happen today?” or “can you learn the names of 5 classmates?” Then at dinner you’ll have some ready made things to talk about.
    4. Write a First Day Message —  Have your child wake up to a special message for the first day of school. You might tie a note to a balloon or make a poster for your student’s room so it’s the first thing that they see when the alarm goes off. Another fun idea is to write a message down the hall or stairwell using removable washi tape.
    5. Take Pictures — Commemorate the day with first day of school pictures. This is a great tradition to start so that by the time your student graduates high school you can make a scrapbook of all the first days from pre-school on. You might choose to set up your shot in the same place every year, or try to get a first day shot with the teacher. (or both!)

    6. Organize a Walking Group — If you live in a community where students can walk to school, it can be fun to organize a neighborhood group of students and parents to walk together on the first day. Arriving in a group can also be a good way to minimize any back to school jitters.
    7. Hide a Surprise Note — Let your child know you are thinking of them by hiding a note somewhere they will find it during the school day. You might write something on their lunch napkin or tuck a secret message into a notebook. It’s like packing a secret smile from home.
    8. ideas for a back to school partyHost a Back to School Party — A back to school party for friends and classmates is another great way to help regroup with buddies that you might not have seen often over the summer. An ice breaker party can be the perfect way to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. Take a look at our back to school party ideas for some tips and inspiration.
    9. Plant Some Bulbs in the Garden — A fun idea for the end of summer is to plant some bulbs or tuberous flowers in the garden that will bloom in late spring. Let your kids know that when they see these plants coming up that it will be almost time for next summer! We started this tradition when my kids were in pre-school by planting giant sunflowers at the end of the school year. When the flowers were completely bloomed it was time to go back to school.
    10. Plan a Family Dinner — Be sure to leave a little time to gather as a family on the first night of school. Encourage your kids to share all of the excitement of the day. Remember to ask questions that can’t be easily answered with just yes or no. Have them tell you about their classes, their teachers, their goals for the year and what they are most looking forward to.

    Hope you found a few back to school ideas that you can incorporate into your own September traditions. Have fun!

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