Paper Lantern Craft for Chinese New Year

Celebrate Chinese New Year
with a fun decorative paper lantern craft!

Chinese New Year lantern craft

In 2013 Chinese New Year falls this Sunday, February 10th. According to the Chinese zodiac, this year will celebrate the year of the snake, which is noted for steady progress and attention to detail. Why not put those characteristics to good use in completing this fun paper lantern craft activity!

Materials:Chinese new year craft idea

  • Red construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Gold glitter


  1. Fold paper in half lengthwise.
  2. Lay a ruler along the length of the paper on the open side and lightly draw a line across. (This will be where to stop cutting)
  3. Measure off spots at 3/4 inch intervals along the folded side of the paper and along the ruler line. Use a ruler to lightly connect the dots.
  4. Cut along your measured lines from the fold to the ruler line.
  5. Open your paper and make a solid line of glue along the two lengths of the paper and sprinkle glitter into the glue.
  6. Allow to dry.
  7. Glue the ends of your paper together so that the fold encircles the middle.
  8. Add a strip of constriction paper to the top to make a handle if desired.
  9. Hang your lanterns as fun decorations for your Chinese New Year celebration!

“Gung Hay Fat Choy!”









Paper Lantern Craft

Brighten things up with this fun paper lantern craft!

paper lantern craft project

Paper lanterns make any occasion or decor more festive. Here’s an idea for a paper lantern craft for both kids and adults that can turn them into
something truly special.


    • Paper lanterns. (Click here to find a variety of different lanterns.)
    • Tissue paper  Design your own fun paper lantern
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick


  1. Decide on a design for your lantern. Simple shapes work the best.
  2. Lightly draw the shapes you wish to use on tissue paper, and carefully cut them out.
  3. Use glue stick to completely cover the back of your tissue paper shapes (one at a time). **Go very slowly when doing this because it’s very easy to tear your tissue paper.  If your cutout shape does tear, you can still use it if you glue it on extra carefully to your lantern.
  4. When gluing your shapes to the lantern, stretch the lantern so that it is completely open. Then, starting in the middle, carefully press your cutout so it sticks to the paper on the lantern. Work outward, adding extra glue to the edges of your cutout if necessary.

We got our initial inspiration for this craft from our friend Sonya at She and her daughter created an amazing dragon lantern as part of a unit they were learning about.  To see how they made it, click on her dragon crafts page.

lantern craft