Team Treat Bags-Let’s Go Peeps!

Need an idea for team treats?

Looking for a way to get rid of your Easter candy?  Or perhaps you can hit the 50% off sales now that Easter is over.  We have created cute team treat bags and free “Let’s Go Peeps!” printable tags for you to make a special something for the players on your team before the next big game.

Team treat bags with peepsMaterials Needed:

  • Peeps
  • Assorted candy
  • Small plastic bags
  • (or  use our free printable!)
  • printer & paper
  • Stapler

Directions for Team Treat Bags “Let’s Go Peeps”

We used to create the label on these treat bags so that they were personalized for the high school softball team. We uploaded our own image of a softball, but all the other graphics are from Pic Monkey.  I used our team saying “Roll Purple Roll” on the labels. (For directions on making your own personalized text and image art on Pic Monkey, take a look at our Subway Art Tutorial post.) After the labels were made the rest was easy.

Add a Peep and some candy to small cellophane bags or sandwich baggies.  Print your bag topper labels and fold them over the top of each bag. Secure with a staple.

Team Treats

Here is a free printable “Let’s Go Peeps” label we’ve created that you can print and use in a minute for any team or group that deserves a little cheering on. Have fun!

peeps treat labels with frame

dot dividersignature

About Larissa Jaekel

I am a former elementary school teacher and now a blogger and party stylist. I am a wife, and mom to three wonderful kids. I love doing little things that make my family and friends feel special.


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