Teenage Parties

teenage parties

Looking for ideas for planning and hosting teenage parties? Take a look at our favorite teen party themes and then scroll down to find some amazing party ideas to help you throw an event you’ll never forget!

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Teenage Party Ideas for Parents and Teens

1. Planning a Successful Teen Party — If you are a parent, it is really important to involve your teen in the party planning process. Get their input on what they consider a good teen party theme, guest list, music, and general vision for what an ideal teen party might look like. Starting off on the same page and establishing a big picture that that makes everyone happy is the number one factor in hosting a successful event. There are lots of great teen party themes out there to help you get started. Work together to plan a great celebration.

2. Guest List — Talk about how many guests you plan on having at your party. Is this going to be a big event, or a more intimate affair. Make a guest list and send out invitations. Try to discourage your guests from bringing along extra friends, since this could affect the success of your party.

3. Younger Siblings? — Try to find a babysitter or a place for younger siblings to be during your party. Although siblings might really want to be involved, it is highly likely that your teenager does not want them around during the party. Teenage parties should be events where the spotlight is on the guest of honor.

4. Give the Neighbors a Heads Up — Like it or not, teens can be loud, and if they are driving themselves your party might have a lot of cars parked in front of your home. It is always a good idea to let your neighbors know when you are planning a party for your teenager so they don’t get concerned by any loud music or by a big group of kids they might hear or see. It is also a good idea to set an ending time for your event so that you can wind things down well before midnight.

5. Music — Let your teenager decide the music for the party. After all, it is their celebration. However, you can have some say in keeping the volume at a reasonable level.

6. Activities — Giving your party a theme and having some type of planned activity (whether it’s a photo booth, dancing, or some type of game) are great ways to help everyone interact and mingle.

7. Breakables — It is a good idea to put away any valuable breakables before your party, just to be on the safe side.

8. Supervision — It is important that there is some adult supervision at teenage parties, but it is also important to give your teen plenty of space. A good way to touch base every now and then is to circulate with a tray of food. Not even a teenager could resist a mom bearing snacks! Which brings us to…

9. Food and Drinks — Teenagers love food! All successful teenage parties provide lots of food. Appetizers and finger foods work well at teen parties so that they can eat and mingle at the same time, and you don’t have to worry about providing silverware and cleaning up as much mess. Similarly, offer a variety of drink choices, from sodas to lemonade to water, especially if this is an outdoor party.

10. Enjoy Yourself Too! — Consider inviting a couple of adult friends on the night of your party. Then you can kick back and have a good time at the same time as your teen. Other adults can also be a great support at a party to help out with whatever needs getting done.

11. Finally, remember that your responsibility as a party host doesn’t end at your door. It is your job to make sure all of your guests get home safely.

Hope you found some helpful party ideas on this page. Have fun!

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