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Looking for some great toga party ideas? Well, all you party gods and goddesses, grab your best sheets and get ready to celebrate with this classic party theme!



When you think toga party, what images come to your mind? Are you having a costume party? Is your theme centered on great greek food and wine? Or is your party going to be more of an Animal House variety? Whichever way you go, have your invitations reflect the tone you want to set. You might consider making an invitation on cream colored paper, rolling it up, and tying it with a ribbon to look like a scroll. Alternately, there are some fun scrapbooking papers that you can use as a backdrop for your invitations.

free printable toga party invitations

You can print these great toga party invitations, along with a few others, free at Hoover Web

**General Invitation Tips** — If you choose to make your own party invitations, don’t forget to include the date, location, and time of your event. It is also helpful to put the host’s name, RSVP by date, and either your phone number or email.


A great color scheme for your toga party decorations is white and gold with green and purple accents. If you start by decorating with balloons, streamers, and tableware in these colors, you’ll be well on your way to some amazing decoration. Here are some more toga party ideas for decorating your event:

Greek Architecture — If your budget allows, set up your home to look like ancient Greece with party accents like columns (you can make your own by painting cardboard), urns, classic statues, and ivy garland. Hang swags of gossamer fabric from the ceiling or walls to complete the look!

Lighting — Use candles, twinkle lights, or torches to light up the night and set a festive mood.

The Toga Party Table — Create a great tablescape by using a white tablecloth gathered and accented with ivy vines. Set the table using gold goblets and wine in jugs. Grapes (real or plastic) bunched with grapevines or ivy make a nice centerpiece. Candles on the table can give your decor a nice touch as well.


Costume Contest — One of the greatest toga party ideas is to have a costume contest. Who is the most realistic? The funniest? The most daring? Best accessorizing? etc. You might let your guests know on their invitations that their costumes will be judged, and keep a few extra old sheets around in case you have someone who dares to show up in regular clothes! Remember the cardinal rule of the toga is that no t-shirt or other clothing should show underneath it.

Classic Woman’s Toga

Classic Guy Toga

Laurel Wreath Headpiece


**How to Make a Toga** — Take 4-5 yards of fabric (it doesn’t have to be white…let your true personality shine through!) Wrap it 1.5 times around your waist. Throw the rest over your shoulder. Cinch the fabric at the waist if needed.

Photo Backdrop — Having all your friends decked out in togas lends itself to some great (and usually hilarious) photos. Set up an area in your home for photos by creating a backdrop (this can be a sheet or metallic curtain, maybe with some ivy vines running up and down). Using a chair covered in gold fabric to act as a throne can be another great idea for a photo area. Add whatever props you might have on hand and keep the cameras rolling!

Greek Mythology Trivia — Before your party, create some trivia questions about Greek mythology. Make game sheets and set them out by the food with small pencils. Let your guests circulate during the party to fill out their quiz sheets and see how much they know! At the end of the evening give an award (maybe a bottle of wine) to the person who answered the most questions.

Greek Games — Make your home a mini Olympus by setting out some classic games in your yard. Play horseshoes or bocce, or maybe even volleyball for those daring enough to risk it in a toga!

Toga Party Ideas for Food and Drinks

Here are a few suggestions for toga party food with a Greek flair:

Make a Greek snack platter with cheese, bread, grapes, figs, and nuts

Greek Salad — lettuce, tomato, feta cheese,and olives with a vinaigrette dressing

Ambrosia — food of the gods– in this case more of a marshmallow, jell-o salad

Pig on a Spit — If you’re going all out, a roast pig with an apple in its mouth makes a great toga party food

Wine served in jugs

Kegs of Beer, Water or Sparkling Grape Juice for those who don’t drink alcohol

Toga Party Ideas for Party Favors

Laurel Wreaths (available at most party supply stores)

Wine Goblets (you can personalize these and let your guests use them all night)

Photos (Print out the photos from your backdrop area)

Flip Flops (Always a good accessory for a toga)

Black Sunglasses

Hope you found some useful toga party ideas on this page. Hope your next party is a blast from the past!

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  1. Oh, yeah, I’m all over that Greek snack platter with cheese, bread, grapes, figs, and nuts idea.

    I remember doing a little research into what the wealthy ancient Romans ate. It was food like fish, shrimps, oysters and snails. Nuts, cheese, dates, figs, grapes and olives. Round loaves of bread. This is the kind of food I would serve at a Toga party.

    Thanks for your ideas.

  2. Jennifer white says:

    We are planning our toga wedding thank u for the ideas……

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