Tokens of Gratitude

Say “Thank You” with a Turkey Gram!

thankful turkey grams

This November our family is doing our best to remember the many blessings in our lives with some tokens of gratitude. One thing that everyone in our household is thankful for is our good friends; the people who make us smile, share good times, and are always there when we need them.

turkey gram tokens of gratitudeWe thought a fun way to say thank you would be to deliver some special treats as a surprise pick-me-up. To do this, we adapted October’s Halloween “Boo” and December’s Secret Santa into a little thank you gift that is unique to November — The Turkey Gram!

What, you may ask, is a Turkey Gram? Anything that shares your gratitude with someone important to you: it could be a heartfelt note, a hand drawn picture, or in our case, bags of homemade cookies!

My girls and I spent a blustery afternoon baking some cookies. We stuck them in cellophane treat bags, and tied them off with notes shaped like turkeys. On each note we wrote,

“We’re thankful to have good friends like you! Happy November!”
— The Preble Family

Then we piled in the car and made our deliveries, ringing doorbells and sneaking off into the sunset. What started off as a boring rainy day turned into a fun family adventure where we not only shared some time together, but spread a little sunshine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Some people have asked us where we got the foam turkey for this project we found them at our local craft store. We found these fun turkey cut outs at They would be great for your turkey-grams!

Foam Craft Turkeys


  1. I love this idea! Could you tell me where you got the turkey cut outs and if the pattern is available? Thanks and happy Thanksgiving!!

    • Thanks, Merry! I found the foam turkey cutouts at Michael’s craft store. (They are good for Thanksgiving place cards too.) I’m pretty sure you could find something similar at most craft supply places. Happy November!

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