Top 2013 Halloween Costume Ideas

Top 2013 Halloween costume ideas

Well, it’s almost that time of year… time to start thinking of what to be for Halloween! Sure there are always the perennial favorites such as vampire, witch, or the other spookies that come around every October, but what are some of the top 2013 Halloween costume ideas?? Here are a few costumes we’ve found that are based on some of this year’s hot trends. (Plus a few that we just couldn’t resist!)

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Anime Manga Eye Makeup — Believe it or not, I first saw this cool makeup application technique at the State Fair. Loads of little girls were running around with their faces painted to look like living dolls. This trend is based on the animated Manga characters that have become really popular. The great thing about this costume idea is that it can be pretty inexpensive. All it takes is a little makeup artistry! Here is a good manga eye makeup tutorial that you can check out on You Tube.

Duck Dynasty Willie CostumeDuck Dynasty — Who doesn’t love the guys from the hit TV series, Duck Dynasty? Dressing like Willie or Uncle Si is as easy as donning a big fake beard, some camouflage clothing, and a knit cap or bandanna. (You can get this great costume online at Halloween Express.  You might also take a look at our Duck Dynasty party page for some fun themed ideas to go along with this costume.

minion costumesDespicable Me Minions — Ok, confession time. I love the minions! Despicable Me 2 was a big hit in our house this summer, mostly because our whole family couldn’t get enough of the minions. These guys are always so cute and upbeat it’s hard not to be a fan. The best minion costume I’ve seen is a homemade version someone submitted to Looks like all you need to make it is some yellow face paint, yellow hoodies with pipe cleaner hair attached, some thick round glasses, overalls, and black gloves. Voila!

chris march wigsChris March Wigs — Chris March is a popular designer who found fame on Project Runway, and also with work he’s done for Lady Gaga and other big stars. This year he has taken his love for the flamboyant into some really cool wigs that you can find only at Target. These foam wigs are great because they are so over the top that they’re all you really need to make a statement with your Halloween costume. Love them!

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — The Hunger Games is an amazing book turned movie with some great characters, especially Katniss Everdeen, the strong huntress who represented hope.  On November 22nd the new Hunger Games movie is coming out. dressing as characters from this series could be totally up to date this fall.  For more Hunger Games party ideas, take a look at our party page.

Monsters University Mike HatMonsters Inc. and Monsters University Costumes — Another popular movie this year that provides some great costume ideas was Monsters University. This could be a great group theme since there are so many great monsters to choose from.

pretty little liars costumesPretty Little Liars — This is a fun teen costume idea, especially for a group of girls. All you need to do is get some hip black clothing like the girls would each wear on the show, and rub a little black face paint onto parts of your body to look like graveyard dirt.

pinata costumePiñata Costume — Okay, I admit that this is more of a classic than a trendy costume, but I seem to be seeing it for the first time this year so it made the list. This is a great DIY costume idea that could be adapted for any age. It’s even listed in Seventeen Magazine! Here is a tutorial for making a piñata costume using felt. There are also some even easier versions out there using crepe paper.


Here are a few other costumes from around the internet that were too cute to leave off this page.  Happy Halloween!

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    This webite provided me with a slew of great costume ideas for my siblings/neices that I will be sure to pass along your website. What do you do for a living now that you are no longer a teacher?

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