Bigfoot Campout Party

Ideas for hosting a Bigfoot themed camping partyby Monica S.
(Portland, Oregon)


For my son’s 13th birthday, he wanted to celebrate by having a sleepover party with his friends. Since he loves camping and the outdoors, we decided on a Bigfoot campout party.

The adventures at our Bigfoot camping birthday partyThe day of the party he helped to erect a massive tent in our backyard. As guests began arriving, Wii games were played and Nerf n’ Strike (mini Nerf guns $3.99) were passed out in lieu of party favors for guests to go wild with.

Later, after all the guests had arrived we fired up the grill, serving a simple dinner of polish dogs, chips, watermelon, and sodas. Instead of serving up a traditional birthday cake, we had two giant “Bigfoot” shaped cookie cakes that were pre-made at home using store bought chocolate chip cookie dough. First the dough was spread on a cookie sheet in the shape of a giant foot, and later cooled and covered with chocolate frosting. Very easy and very fun. I used icing gels to outline the feet and create toenails, later filling them in with green frosting. The cookie cake was served with vanilla ice cream and was a hit!

We made a fun foot shaped cake for a Bigfoot themed camping birthday party

After feasting on the cookie cake and ice cream, the boys watched a Bigfoot themed movie titled, “Harry and the Hendersons”. After the movie, the campers enjoyed some time outdoors hanging out and roasting a few marshmallows over the outdoor fire pit. Who knows if the real Bigfoot was lurking in the trees out there in the dark! We did have a small one person tent set up at the other end of the yard for a Bigfoot Militia Leader (a.k.a. supervising parent) to keep an ear out for any problems. Soon after, it was time to retire to the massive tent where the campers had previously set up their sleeping bags upon arrival and call it a night. Or for some, this was just the beginning…

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