Black Light Dance

by Tammy Hartz
(Ruffs Dale, PA)


My daughter will be turning 15 and we wanted something unique for her party, so we decided to do a fun black light dance party. We are crazy about glow in the dark stuff, so I think it’s been leading up to this for awhile. We are starting out by inviting everyone with neon invitations that glow under black light. On our invitations we are asking all of our guests to wear white or neon clothing.

We are decorating with black tablecloths and using neon confetti to throw on the tables. We purchased both LED and neon colored balloons. We will hang neon decorations from the ceiling also. We bought glow in the dark stars and blacklight posters for the walls. We also bought black paper to black out anything that might need it. To set the mood, we hired a DJ and we have a fog machine and glow in the dark bubbles. I purchased a six layer cupcake stand and ordered chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and a cake top with a zebra print. The food at the party will be pizza and snacks, and we will have glow in the dark punch to drink.

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