Caveman Party Theme

by Sandy Klocinski
(Summerville, SC)


To throw the prehistoric caveman party, you will need to look the part. Fashion a unique caveman costume out of loincloths, fake fur, tattered suede cloth, and animal-print fabrics. Don’t forget the weapons: a caveman club and spears!

Transform the party area into a prehistoric cave by covering the walls and ceiling with brown butcher paper and clearing out the furniture. Enhance the authenticity of the cave setting by drawing prehistoric art or covering it with hand prints. Scatter leaves and fake bones on the floor for an authentic touch. Create a fake fire pit with foam rocks or host your party outside and enjoy the warmth of a real fire.

Create prehistoric wrapping paper with a brown paper bag and leaves.

Entertain guests with a theme-appropriate movie, such as “The Flintstones” or “Encino Man.” Test guests knowledge of prehistoric ancestors with caveman trivia. Bring out the drums, tambourines, and rainsticks to create your own musical entertainment.

Feed hungry cavemen with shish-kabobs, roasted marshmallows, Cornish game hens, trail mix, cheese and crackers, beef and vegetables, fruits, turkey legs, hard-boiled eggs, or beef jerky.

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