Dance Party

Decorating frames and T-shirts

Decorating frames and T-shirts

Decorating frames and T-shirts 

Learning a dance from our favorite HS cheerleader! 

Singing away during glowstick karaoke 

When our daughter turned nine we hosted a dance party for her and her friends. It was so much fun! Here is an overview of the day.

When the girls arrived we had some craft stations set up. They could choose to

* Decorate a frame with beads and buttons (an adult supervised this since they were using a glue gun.)

* Apply temporary tattoos (we set up a “tattoo parlor” in a guest bathroom).

* Fix their hair and makeup (we set out a variety of ponytail holders, headbands, barrettes, body glitter and lip gloss that then could be taken home as party favors)

* Decorate a T-shirt — The girls chose from a selection of iron-on patches (I did the ironing) I also bought 2 bedazzlers at a craft store so the girls could decorate their shirts with gems.

After everyone had done their crafts, we gathered the group for games. We started with

* A Balloon Popping Relay — 2 teams race relay style to the end of the hallway where they sit on a balloon until it pops, then run back and tag the next player. (This was hilarious)

* Dance Lessons — We recruited two local high schoolers who were on the cheerleading squad to help us with this part of the party. We divided the girls into two groups and each went to a different part of the house where they learned a dance routine (taught by the older girls). Then they came together and performed for each other.

After the games we had pizza and a Make Your Own Sundae Bar.

We ended the party by gathering for karaoke. We dimmed the lights and handed out glowstick jewelry, then enjoyed some funny singing renditions of the girls’ favorite hits.

All in all, it was a great day with ton of fun memories!

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