Fun in the Snow Party

by Isabella G.


My birthday is in the fall around Thanksgiving, but we usually don’t do my party until January or February. We have lots of great sledding and snowboarding hills around my house. So we had the guests come over with their sleds and snowboards (one girl didn’t have one so I let her borrow one of mine) and we all went sledding for a “Fun in the Snow” themed party.

For party invitations we got mini sleds and attached the party information to them.

We had a lot of great activities at the party. We drank hot chocolate, we watched a movie and we played games outside such as sledding down a hill backwards, trying to see who could stand up the longest, and going down head first. We also played musical sleds. I’ll explain the game: First we set up sleds in front of the hill, one less then the girls we had. Then we all danced around the sleds until the music stopped. When it stopped you would race to a sled and go down the hill. Then you would bring it back up and the girl without a sled on would be out. It would keep going like that until there was only one girl left. We also did sledding races.

We used a cake that was white and made one end bigger to look like a hill. We decorated the cake with girls sledding down the hill.

In the treat bags we put in mittens, a hat and a scarf. We also put pencils and stuff like that. We all had lots of fun.

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