Hawaiian Survivor Party

by Dorothy Jarnagin
(Round Rock, Texas, US)

This was for my daughter’s 8th birthday. I wasn’t quite sure what the kids were into at that time. Survivor was a pretty popular show and gave us some great ideas.

Invitations were messages in a bottle. They had sand and pretend messages in them. The actual invitation was on a label outside of the bottle, but it was also on the message inside.

As they arrived, we gave each child a different colored Hawaiian necklace and bracelet to wear. We also had Hawaiian music playing in the background.

When everyone arrived at the party, they picked an envelope with different colored pieces of paper. This told them which team they would be on (there were two teams).One of the pieces of paper would have a C on them for Captain.
Once separated into the two teams, each captain would get a bag of supplies.

The bag of supplies had a jump rope, a 100 pc. puzzle with 10 pieces missing (they were in containers in the yard), a score card for the team and personal cards for each member to keep track of the numbers and information.

There were 5 stations:

1. Tasting of baby food to identify which was which (each member on team would try to identify 5 types of baby food and they would put their guesses on their personal cards for later use.)

2. The Stepper – each team member had to step up and down for a minute keeping track of how many times – this number logged onto score card prepared in advance.

3. The Trampoline – each member had to jump 25 times.

4. Jump-rope (each member had to do 10 jumps – any kind or way they wanted – being creative.)

5. Puzzle Station – both teams started at the same time. Each team put their puzzle together without the missing pieces. They now open the envelope with the clue to find the missing pieces. Once found they bring them back and put them in the puzzle. The first team to finish won that part of the game. (They had gotten their envelope with their clue out of the bag before they began, but not opening it until the puzzle was done.)

This was the end of the Survivor part of the game. The team with the most right guesses on the food won a mystery prize. The team winning the puzzle station also won a prize. Everyone else got a consolation prize. The cake was a pineapple upside down cake and the drink offered was the lime sherbert with ginger ale and little umbrellas to top it off.

It ended up to be the best birthday party I had ever done and believe me, many attempts have been made.

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