Hollywood Theme Party

All dressed up for the Hollywood premier!

All dressed up for the Hollywood premier!

All dressed up for the Hollywood premier! 

A champagne toast 

So glamorous! 

Our Hollywood Theme Table 


When our daughter turned 10, she asked for a party that was both glamorous and fun, so we decided to throw a Hollywood theme party. This theme turned out to be a great choice, because it combined all the uniqueness of an at-home party with the excitement of going to a movie with a big group of her friends. Here is what we did…

First, we purchased the Hollywood party kit from Party Time Party Boxes. This was a lifesaver, because it came chock full of fabulous decorations, as well as boas for the girls, Frank Sinatra style hats for the boys, and Hollywood sunglasses for everybody! It also included a game plan for the day so I didn’t have to come up with games and activities on my own.

When we sent out our invitations, we asked all the guests to come wearing their red carpet best. Then, as they arrived and came up the red carpet to our door, we gave out the boas and sunglasses and our older daughter took a video of everyone strolling up the avenue of the stars to find their name.

Next, we played some games and did a little karaoke, and it was off to the movies in our fancy clothes. (Needless to say we turned quite a few heads in our fancy attire!) Before leaving, I let each child choose some candy from a concession stand that we set up as part of the party decor at home. This was fun for them and also saved me a little money at the theater.

After the movie we came back, played a few more games, and had dinner. One huge hit was serving everyone sparkling cider in margarita glasses that we had at home (we didn’t have enough champagne flutes for everyone so we used these, but you can also get glassware at the Dollar Store if you don’t have any on hand.)

Everyone had so much fun that it was hard to see the party end. We are already starting our plans for next year’s celebration!

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