Science party

by Anne Johnson
(Dunstable, Bedfordshire, UK)

Having fun with Science

Having fun with Science

I ran my own science party and enjoyed it so much that I now offer science party packs in the UK as I couldn’t find any ready made here!

My son and his friends said it was the best party they had been to.

We had marshmallow and cocktail sticks to build with as they arrived and also a Cartesian diver, tornado tube and thermochromic paper to play with.

As they arrived they were given a disposable lab coat, a pair of cheap swimming goggles and a name badge.

Once everyone was here we divided them up into four groups and allocated and adult (or my teenage children) to each group.

I had everything measured out ready and we made lava lamps, played with goldenrod paper (homemade as couldn’t get it here in UK – worked but not as well as I had hoped) and made chromatography circles and instant snow.

The children then all went outside to do coke fountains while we put food out.

After tea they looked at the starter activities and tried balloon surfing before sitting down again to make elephants toothpaste.

They were able to take their lava lamps, circles, goldenrod paper and snow home in large gift bags in which I had already put extra supplies, so they could repeat them at home, and an instruction booklet.

If any UK Mums would like some help then please get in touch.

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