Singles Party Games

by Sue-Anne
(Montreal, Quebec)

I have organized parties for a cycling club and have used two ice-breaker games that really work well and are a lot of fun. You can use these for a singles party or for a party where you want people to mingle and get to know each other in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. These are fun, easy to organize and do not involve asking each other lots of questions, etc.

Scrabble Game

Prepare as many letters as you need (1 or 2 per guest depending on how many guests) with the same points per letter as in Scrabble. Each guest gets a letter when they arrive. The guests go around and form words using their letters. Determine in advance how much time they have to form their words. When the time is up the team with the word with the highest score wins a prize.

Card Game

Take a pack of cards and cut it in half. Place the right amount of cards in a hat. Each guest gets a card and has to find the other half. They could both then get a free drink at the bar or 1/2 price drink or a small prize. 1/2 the cards could be given to men the other 1/2 to women or mixed if it’s not a singles party.

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