Super Superhero Party

I printed the images and taped them to toothpicks

I printed the images and taped them to toothpicks

I printed the images and taped them to toothpicks

I'm a Supermom everyday, but that day I got to wear my uniform :)

Spiderman Cake

Superhero Cake

My son is obsessed with superheroes. Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Hulk etc, etc. But he doesn’t have a favorite. He loves them all. So when his fourth birthday came around I knew the theme should be superheroes, but couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Instead we just went with the flow and did all and every superhero. We invited our friends and family and told them to dress the part and wear costumes or clothing related to superheroes. To complete everyone’s look I bought little plain masks from the party store (think Zorro) and let the kids decorate them themselves at the party.

At the party we played a superhero version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. I bought a white posterboard for a dollar and drew Superman on it. I then made multiple Superman logo shapes out of construction paper and had the kids play a game where they had to be blindfolded and tape the logo closest to his chest where it belonged. Each kid “won” and recieved a popsicle. It’s amazing how simple, classic treats like standard popsicles are still so loved by children.

To decorate my party treats I printed out logos and images of popular superheroes and villians and taped them onto toothpicks. I put the toothpicks into cupcakes. I also took my son’s Spiderman action figures and stuck them on two different cakes. It was simple and looked professional. I made punch out of “scooperman” ice cream, Sprite and Hawaiian Punch and told the kids that it was superhero juice that increased their powers. I also decorated the bowl by taping superhero images that I printed out myself.

As favors I hid goody bags and gave the children a map. The map was supposed to be from a villian and it was a riddle that I made up. The children had to work together to figure out the riddle and map until they reached the goody bags. The best part of the party was working on the ideas and small touches with my two sons. It made the day special.

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