Wii Party Ideas

Ideas for hosting a Wii party

Looking for a fun party theme for any age? Host a Wii party! Here are our favorite ideas to help you plan an action-packed celebration sure to provide lots of excitement and smiles.


Although it’s difficult to find any pre-made Wii party invitations, with a little creativity you can make your own invites that are even better! Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Mii InvitationsClick here to go to a fun website where you can create your own Mii avatar. When you’ve gotten it just right, you can either save it to a program on your computer such as Photoshop or Microsoft Paint, or print it out directly and paste it to a cardstock invitation where you’ve written your party information. (You can also find a great assortment of Mii images by searching on Google images.)

Remote Invitations — Draw or download a picture of a Wii remote and attach it to a piece of white cardstock. On the back of the invitation, write your party information.

Here are some ideas for invitation wording: “Wii are having a partii and hope you can make it over for some fun and games.”

Evite Wii Invitations — If you want to send your Wii invitations electronically, check out Evite.com for a variety of game night party invitation options. “Get Your Game on at a Wii Party” “Calling All Gamers – Come Join the Fun at my Wii Party” “Happii Birthday to Mii!” Come Celebrate at a Wii party!” “Everyone’s a Wii-ner at this Wii Party!”

Planning and Setting Up a Wii Party

plan a wii party

The great thing about a Wii theme party is that your event has a built-in activity to keep everyone active and engaged. All you really have to do is set things up, prepare some food, and if you want, throw in some decorations and favors to make things extra special. Here are some party ideas to help get you started:

Plan on 4-8 Guests per Wii System — Many Wii games are designed for group play and can accomodate up to 4 players at a time. Since you want everyone to feel involved and not sit too long waiting for a turn, a good rule of thumb is to invite no more than 8 guests per Wii console. If you are hoping to host a bigger group, first make sure you have enough space, then consider borrowing a Wii set up from a friend or renting one from your local gaming shop or movie rental store.

Clear Some Space — Having enough space is important because you want everyone to have enough room to move around without bumping into each other. When you are setting up, move your furniture to allow for a large open play area, and arrange some seating around the perimeter of the room so guests who might be waiting a turn have a place to watch the action.

Choose Your Games — There are lots of great Wii games that would be super for a party. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wii Sports

Just Dance

Mario Kart

Raving Rabbids


Decide if You Want to Have a Tournament or Less Competitive Play — You know your friends. Do they thrive on competition, or would some fun team play be more their style? If you want your party to be tournament style, you might set up a white board or poster to keep track of everyone’s scores throughout the event. Then at the end you could award trophies or award medals to the winners.

Make Up Some Miis — Before your party starts, have some fun creating Mii characters on your console that resemble each of your guests. That way when the action starts everyone can play games using their own avatar. You can also click here to design and print out your guests’ Mii characters to use throughout your party’s decoration.

Wii Party Decorations

Because there aren’t a lot of party goods made specifically for a Wii theme party, you can be as creative as you want when decorating for your event. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for decorations:

Go Red, White and Blue! — Red, white, and blue make a great color scheme for a Wii party. You can use these colors things such as tableware, balloons, and other accents.

Decorate with Miis — Make the most of your printed pictures of your guests’ Miis. You can blow them up to use as posters in your party area or reduce them and stick them on toothpicks to use as cupcake toppers.

Decorate with Sports Cheers — Use poster paint on big pieces of paper to write sayings such as, “Play Hard!”, “Got Game?”, or “Go For It!”. Hang these on the walls for some sporty encouragement.

Use Player Refreshment Baskets as Decorative Table Place Setters — Playing Wii will definitely get everybody’s heart pumping! Baskets full of refreshment items can be both a fun table decoration and a great party favor. Here are some ideas for what to put inside:

Remote shaped Gum Tins
Water Bottles in your party or team colors. (Make them even more fun by personalizing them with paint pens.) Bottles of sports drink

Bandannas in your party or team colors

Granola Bars or other snacks

Wii remote candies

Extra Batteries for the Remotes

Here are some party supplies we’ve found that would work well at a Wii theme party:

American Pride Dinner Plates
Red, White and Blue Tableware
Red, White, & Blue Starburst Decorations
Starburst Decorations
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Party Pack For 8
Super Mario Brothers Party Supplies
Winner's Medal
Winners’ Medals

Trophy Cups
Stars All-Around Balloons
Star Balloons


Ideas for Food and Drinks

Unless you don’t mind cleaning up spills, we recommend that you keep your party food in a separate area from where people will be playing games. You might, however, set out a tray of water bottles so that people can get a drink without leaving all the action.

A fun idea is to give the foods on your menu names that are a play on words related to the Wii logo. For example, you might serve:

  • Piiza
  • Hiiro sandwiches
  • A fruit and vegii tray
  • An assortment of chiises

You get the picture…

Mii Cookies –Another idea is to cut cookie dough using a gingerbread man cookie cutter. After your cookies cool you can frost them to resemble your guests’ Mii characters.

Hope you’ve found some helpful ideas on this page. Enjoy the party!

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