Wizard of Oz Birthday Party

Ideas for a Wizard of Oz birthday party

Host a Wizard of Oz birthday party that will have your guests clicking their heels with joy! Here are some of our favorite ideas for decorations, activities, favors, food and more.

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Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Invitations

Great invitations can make your guests feel special before the party even starts. You can either make your own party invitations or find some that are available to purchase. Here are some of our favorite ideas for invitations:

Wizard of Oz Sticker Invitations — Start by drawing a rainbow across either light blue or emerald cardstock. Then use Wizard of Oz scrapbook stickers to decorate your invitation. Add some Oz themed invitation wording, such as:

  • “Click your heels (3 times!) because there’s no place like this Wizard of Oz birthday party!”
  • “Follow the yellow brick road over to ________’s Wizard of Oz birthday party!”
  • “Fly over the rainbow to our house for an amazing Wizard of Oz party!”


Broomstick Invitations — Write out your party information on a heart shaped piece of red cardstock. Then use a blue and white gingham ribbon to attach the card to a small toy broomstick. Send these in padded mailing envelopes or hand deliver.

You can always find lots of great online party invitations with a free RSVP manager at Evite.


Here are some great pre-made invitations:

Wizard of Oz Invitation
Wizard of Oz Invitations
Emerald City Invitations
Emerald City Invitations


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Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Decorations

You might choose to use the colors of the rainbow, or red, sky blue and yellow for a Wizard of Oz party color scheme. You can go a long way in your party decorating by incorporating these colors into your party basics such as tableware, balloons and streamers.

Here are some more ideas to help you decorate:

Follow the Yellow Brick Road! — Lead your guests to your party up your own yellow brick road. There are a few options for creating this entry. One is to use yellow sidewalk chalk to draw a path on your front sidewalk or driveway. Another is to use a roll of yellow plastic. Tape this down with masking tape along your entry or front hall. A third option is to purchase a pre-made yellow brick road walkway set that you can arrange in your entry.

Let Dorothy Greet Your Guests — Make our purchase a lifesize cardboard stand up of Dorothy or her friends to set by the entry to your party and welcome your guests.

Wizard of Oz party decorationsDrop Your House on the Wicked Witch — Another fun party entry decoration is to have the Wicked Witch of the East’s legs sticking out of the front of your house. To do this, stuff some black and white striped tights with socks or paper and stick some ruby slippers on the feet. Arrange the legs under the front of your home to look like the witch is trapped below!

Re-create Munchkin Land — Make some giant lollipops by painting stiff cardboard to resemble swirly rainbow candies. Then you can either attach these to wooden dowels and stick them in your yard, or hang them on the walls of your party area.

Make an Emerald City Entry — Dorothy and the gang were in awe when they arrived at the gates of the Emerald City. Make your own Emerald City grand entrance by covering your front door with metallic green sheeting and hanging a sign that says, “Bell out of order. Please knock.”

Let Your Guests Cross Over the Rainbow — Twist together a rainbow assortment of streamers and hang them in loops from the ceiling of your party to create your very own rainbow. You could also hang rainbow tissue paper flowers or big bouquets of rainbow colored balloons for a great burst of party color.

Fly Some Monkeys — Use clear fishing line to hang some plush monkeys (with your own paper wings attached, of course!) from lighting fixtures or the ceiling. You might even add a wicked witch wall decal to complete the look.

Use Bouquets of Poppies and Sunflowers — Adorn your serving areas with colorful bouquets of flowers. You can either use the real thing if they are available, or make your own tissue paper flowers.

Play Some Wizard of Oz Tunes — There are some great songs from The Wizard of Oz. Get everyone in the party mood by playing some Wizard of Oz party music.

Set an Amazing Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Table — To set your table with a Wizard of Oz party theme, first start by using a large piece of blue gingham fabric as a table cover. Then you can either use ruby red or themed tableware.


Here are some supplies we’ve found that would be perfect at a Wizard of Oz birthday party:

Wizard of Oz Party Supplies

Toto in a Basket

Lifesize Dorothy Stand Up


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Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Games and Activities

The games at your party are probably what your event will be most remembered for. Here are some of our favorite ideas for party activities.

Find Toto — That silly Toto is always running away! In this game, choose one child to hide a toy Toto somewhere in the party area while everyone else closes their eyes. Once he is hidden, have everyone search for him, offering clues if needed. The child who finds Toto gets to hide him in the next round of the game.

Grab The Lion’s Tail Tag — Have everyone earn a badge for courage by grabbing a lion’s tail! To play, give each child a “tail” made from a sock, a piece of fabric, or a long strip of construction paper. Have them stick these into the back of the waistband of their pants. The goal of this game is to grab the other lions’ tails without losing their own. The last lion with a tail is the winner.

Wicked Witch Relay Race — Divide your team into two groups and clear a space for a relay race. For each team, set out a broom, a witch hat, and if you can find it, a black robe (Goodwill often has graduation gowns that work well for this). Have racers take turns racing to the witch’s gear, putting it on, and racing on the broom back to their team, where the next racer will change into the outfit. The first team with all its members done and seated wins.

Flying Monkey in the Middle — Play a classic game of monkey in the middle using a plush monkey as your tossing object. Have your group make a circle around one player and toss the monkey to someone across the circle. The monkey in the middle tries to grab the flying monkey. If he catches it, he joins the circle and the player who threw the toy becomes the new monkey.

Poppy Tag — This is a Wizard of Oz themed version of freeze tag. Choose one person to be Glinda and 2-3 monkeys. If you are tagged by a monkey you have to stay frozen where you are. Glinda can come and tap frozen players to wake them up.

Make Rainbow Necklaces — This is a great activity for younger children. Set out pieces of yarn and colored fruit cereal and let them make their own rainbow bead necklaces. For older guests you can use plastic beads and string for this activity.

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Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Food

wizard of oz birthday cupcakes

Here are our favorite ideas for a themed party menu:

Heart Shaped Sandwiches — If I only had a heart… Create your own sandwiches using peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and jelly. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to shape them into hearts.

Flying Monkey Wings — Not actual monkey wings, of course, but rather a Wizard of Oz themed name for some buffalo chicken wings!

Over the Rainbow Fruit Cup — Use clear plastic cups to hold a rainbow of layered cut fruit. Start with strawberry, then add pineapple, kiwi, and blueberries for a colorful and healthy snack.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! — Give everyone their own box of animal crackers and give them some Wizard of Oz birthday flair by adding a decorative tag with this classic movie line.

A Rainbow of Refreshment — Add some sparkle to your party by setting out an assortment of rainbow colored drink options. Jones Soda is one great choice that comes in a variety of bright rainbow colors.

Cowardly Lion Cupcakes — Here’s how to make the adorable cupcakes in the picture above:


  • 24 cupcakes, premade
  • 1 (14 ounce) bag flaked coconut
  • 1 (16 ounce) container chocolate frosting (or caramel frosting)
  • 96 pieces thin black licorice (approx 3/4-inch)
  • 48 small white gumdrops
  • 48 brown miniature M&M’s chocolate candies (or brown reeses pieces)
  • pink icing



1. Preheat oven to 325.

2. Toast coconut on a cookie sheet in a single layer for 6-10 minutes until lightly brown (stir coconut every 2-3 minutes while toasting).

3. Frost cupcakes with frosting.

4. Roll edges of cupcake in toasted coconut to make the lion’s “mane”.

5. Place 2 gum drops side by side in the lower/middle of the cupcake.

6. Place 2 licorice “whiskers” on each side tucked partially under the gum drops to adhere.

7. Place 2 m&m “eyes” above the gumdrops.

8. Place a dab of pink icing below eyes and above the gumdrops to make the “nose”.

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Wizard of Oz Birthday Party Favors

Send your guests home with a special memento of the day. Here are some Wizard of Oz theme party favors sure to be a hit:

Lion’s Badge of Courage

Tin Man’s Heart Clock
Rainbow Swirl Lollipop
Rainbow Swirl Lollipops


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